Nexus Production Group is a filmmaking and entertainment collective driven by originality, creativity, and passion. Our skills are as diverse as our range of output and we strive for quality and artistic integrity in every project we undertake. Individually, each member of NPG is a unique emerging or accomplished artist; together, we are growing and only limited by imagination. Nexus Production Group is Ivan Malekin, Sarah Jayne, Patrick Siscar and Clara Pagone.


Please browse the website to learn more about Nexus, who we are, what we do, what we are working on. And visit often. There is always something new.

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Shooting Internationally 

October 2017



Since relocating NPG to Malta in August, Ivan Malekin and Sarah Jayne have been extremely busy getting personally settled on the tiny Mediterranean island. However the duo have also been film focused - meeting with local like-minded industry people to build contacts, talking film, attending meetings and producing the Malta story of NPG's feature film In Corpore


Meanwhile, in the Big Apple, NPG member Clara Francesca was keeping busy too, producing the New York story to have it all ready when Ivan and SJ arrived late October. A few skype calls and many emails later, NPG were set to film in New York, just a few weeks after filming in Malta.


The Maltese and the American sets were a strack contrast visually, the stories also varied - the Maltese chapter based on tradition and fighting for ones dreams and the New York chapter based on staying true to yourself and your bodies needs and desires. Yet both still hold true to the In Corpore core themes - love, sex, connections between people, and the clash between the differing desires of the body and soul.


In Malta historical backdrops were utilised, such as the walls and surrounding shoreline of Fort St Angela looking over to Valletta and the vast coastline of Mellieha. In New York, The High Line was a feature along with an artist's studio in Harlem and a warehouse turned open plan apartment in Chelsea.  


NPG would like to thank everyone involved in shooting both stories, it was a pleasure working with you all; we feel truly blessed. A big shout out to Bluestone Lane for sponsoring the production with hot coffee reminisent of Melbourne laneway hideouts for our busy Saturday shoot in NY, creative and all round wonder woman Jane Stein for allowing us to shoot in her apartment and for her assistance on set and artist Alexis Kandra from Kanra Art for providing us with art work for our shoot as well as her studio as a location. 


The last story to film will be produced in Malta and shot in Berlin. NPG shall be casting and crewing soon with plans to have this story shot before Christmas, wrapping up the films production before the end of 2017. 


Be sure to follow our progress with In Corpore, our second improved feature film this year, via social media through Facebook and Instagram. Photos for both shoots will be up shotly and updates will continue to flow in as they happen. 



Between takes during the Malta chapter of In Corpore.


Wrap on the first day of In Corpore Malta.


Filming in the park during In Corpore New York.




Moving to Malta

August 2017


We are very excited to announce that Ivan Malekin and Sarah Jayne have relocated from Melbourne to Malta! With 300 days of sun every year, a busy film industry, and a gateway to the rest of Europe, we look forward to this new chapter in our lives and experiencing what the tiny Mediterranean island has in store for NPG.


So with Ivan and SJ now based in Europe, Clara Francesca in New York, and Patrick Siscar in Melbourne, Nexus has truly become global with members and networks all over the world.  


And, of course, even as we move countries we are still filming. Our improvised feature In Corpore, which touches on love, sex, and traditional relationships in a global and modern world, has wrapped the Melbourne chapter. The footage looks fantastic. Huge thanks to the talented cast and crew led by Clara Francesca and Frank Fazio.


The story continues in Malta and we shall be casting and crewing soon, before heading over to New York with Clara to complete her story arc, then Amsterdam later in the year to wrap production.


Another unique mumblecore film for Nexus, definitely our most ambitious, and our third feature in a year.  Be sure to follow our progress on social media via Facebook and Instagram.




DOP Will Sheridan captures the action during the Melbourne chapter of In Corpore.


Julia (Clara Francesca) and Henri (Frank Fazio) share a moment.



Friends, Foes & Fireworks Complete

August 2017


Our single night, NYE, improvised feature film Friends, Foes & Fireworks is complete!


Thank you to everyone who supported us on this unique shoot, the fantastic cast and crew, and everyone who played a vital part in post production, from Patrick Siscar, David Tonkin and TeePee Studios with VFX, Gerard Mack with music and sound design, the various Australian artists who contributed music to the film, Chris Tomkins and Octopod Films with colour grading, and more.


We have now begun submitted Friends, Foes & Fireworks to festivals and will be taking the film to the Amercian Film Market later in the year.


Follow our progress here, on the official film website, and on social media to stay up to date with all the news about Friends, Foes & Fireworks.



Bringing in the New Year with the cast.


Cast and crew gather to review a take.



Choir Girl Picture Lock

August 2017


We're pleased to announce we have picture lock on Choir Girl, the controversial black and white feature film produced by Nexus and directed by John Fraser.


We now move into sound design with Gerard Mack of Cacophony Audio Post, ADR recording with lead actors Krista Vendy & Peter Flaherty, plus contacting distributors, sorting through thousands of photos, behind the scenes videos, prepping for colour grade and VFX at Roar Digital ...


It's a great achievement and we're very proud of the whole post production team led by talented editor Patrick McCabe. From script to screen for Choir Girl has been years in the making. And it is not over yet. The journey continues ...


For more info about Choir Girl head over to the official website for the film here.




  Screenshot from Choir Girl with Polly (Krista Vendy) and Eugene (Peter Flaherty).



Daughter & Beamafilm join forces

July 2017


Daughter is still going strong through education thanks to Beamafilm, who are now distributing our awareness project through their online streaming service. NPG are proud to be listed amongst a wonderful selection of films, including some Australian gems.


Through the site registered libraries can stream Daughter at no cost. 


Beamafilm is also adding Daughter to BeamClub, the film will be on a list at selected libraries and accessible to anyone wanting to hold a screening within their local library. These screenings can see a maximum of 30 people in attendance and comes with a custom package so the audience can discuss the film and its themes afterward. 


"It has tension aplenty and still retains an innocence for me which the subject matter hardly warrants." - Beamafilm Director Gil Scrine.





Daughter available through school libraries thanks to Beamafilm.


Daughter new release through Beamafilm.



In Corpore Begins Pre-Production

May 2017


As one film wraps, another begins.


In Corpore is another ambitious feature by Nexus and a return to relationship dramas and mumblecore, a genre we love due to the improvisational nature, the spontaneity, and the intimacy of the director and actor relationship such conditions encourage.


Dealing with love, sex, monogamy, and infidelity, In Corpore will begin filming in Melbourne in June before continuing in Malta, Amsterdam, and concluding in New York.


And we're pleased to announce we will once again be working with fellow Nexus member Clara Francesca, who will be playing the leading role of Julia for both the Melbourne and New York chapters.  This is our third film with Clara, following Reckoning in 2012 ans Zina in 2016. 


To keep up to date with all the news, casting announcements, shooting details, behind the scenes photos and more about In Corpore, follow the Facebook page here.




Clara Francesca will play leading lady Julia in In Corpore.



Choir Girl Wrapped

May 2017


And that's a wrap!  After six intense weeks of filming across numerous Melbourne locations from Collingwood to Coburg to our base in St Kilda and a long stint at Docklands Studios, months in pre-production, three years in development, a false start last year, a world-wide search for cast, ups and downs and everything in between, feature film Choir Girl is wrapped!


This black and white arthouse drama, directed by John Fraser, is by far the biggest and most challenging film we have ever undertaken. But the challenge has been met - the footage looks fantastic and the performances of the steller cast (Peter Flaherty, Sarah Timm, Krista Vendy, Jack Campbell, Andy McPhee, Kym Valentine, Jillian Murray, Lee Mason) are powerful and poignant.


It will be another few months of hard work at our post production house Roar Digital with editor Patrick McCabe to craft and hone the cut, before heading to sound design with Gerard Mack, but we are very excited by what we have seen so far.  And we know the end result will be worth all the sweat, the tears, the stress, and the long, long hours on set and behind the scenes.


Choir Girl is coming in 2017.  Look out for it. Much more info about the film and the official website here.




Jillian Murray as Anne and Peter Flaherty as Eugene share a scene in Choir Girl. Photo by Garth Ernstzen.



Daughter & Zina Win at Worldfest

April 2017


We're proud to announce our film Daughter won a silver Remi Award at WorldFest Houston in the longer short category and Zina also took out a Platinum Remi for short black comedy.


Worldfest is one of the oldest film festivals in the world and with over 4500 entries in the various film categories, we're thrilled to take home a double header of awards.


You can watch Daughter now via Vimeo on Demand while stay tuned for more festival annoucements about Zina:


You can also watch our other short films Mirror of Filth and El Western plus our gross out comedy Dace Decklan: Private Eye on Vimeo On Demand:




 Remi Awards for both Daughter & Zina.



NPG Films on Vimeo On Demand

April 2017


NPG are pleased to annouce we have released a selection of our films on Vimeo on Demand, available for you to stream or download and watch from the comfort of your own home.


Led by Daughter, our award-winning short film and awareness project dealing with gendered violence and starring Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why:


Mirror of Filth, our hard-hitting short dealing with relationships, bitterness, sex and emptiness, and how we can be absent even when we are most exposed, lonely even when we are the most intimate. Starring Jamie Wilson and Whitney Duff.



El Western, a silly send-up of spaghetti westerns from yesteryear featuring mismatched love, outrageous characters, guns, quips, whips, and, naturally, a high noon showdown. Starring Karl Beck and Leoni Leaver.


And Dace Decklan: Private Eye, our first feature, a crazy cult mix of action, animation, and abusurdity, oozing with love and lust and and comic style violence.  Starring Tom Vogel, Stevie Hall, and Heath Novkovic.


So check them out, stream or download, grab some popcorn and a drink, sit back and enjoy a small selection of films from Nexus Production Group.  And follow NPG on Vimeo.  There is bound to be more films released in the future.


Poster for Daughter featuring Katherine Langford


Poster shot for Mirror of Filth featuring Jamie Wilson and Whitney Duff



Daughter Wins Grapple Award

March 2017


Over the first weekend of March an eclectic mix of people gathered in a Brunswick warehouse on Hope Street for the inaugural Anarco Film Festival.


Daughter was one of the films screening and took out the Grapple Award for being a film with a wordly reach that is tackling - or shall we say grappling - with the issue of violence against women and equality.


It was a wonderful and relaxed night filled with good food, live music and some interesting films. Ivan and Sarah Jayne of NPG really enjoyed their night and are happy with the award Daughter secured.


For more on Daughter go to the website:


Sarah Jayne accepts the Grapple Award.


Award winning laurel from the Anarco Film Festival.



Zina at Setting Sun Yarraville 

March 2017


Nexus Production Group's short film Zina, which was written by our late friend Russell Boyd, has been selected to screen in Yarravile as part of the Setting Sun Film Festival.


The short film explores the wild side of attraction, while touching on the desperation and isolation felt by a woman who is alien to Australian culture, and stars Nexus team member Clara Pagone along with Frank Fazio and Peter Flaherty.


See Zina at The Sun Theatre for the festival which takes place between the 27th - 30th of April. The exact date will be announced on our Facebook page here.



Still from Zina - exploring the wild side of attraction.



Pre-Production Begins on Choir Girl

February 2017


Pre-production officially began today (Feb 13th) on feature film Choir Girl with a packed schedule of auditions for supporting roles. Thanks to everyone who attended - so much talent on display, so many difficult choices to make.


Choir Girl is an arthouse drama which tells the story of a lonely photographer and an underage prostitute who becomes his muse. 


It is writer / director John Fraser's feature debut.  Ivan Malekin of Nexus Production Group is producing and he is joined by a talented cast and crew.


Principal photography is in April so there is sure to be many ups and downs and frenetic plans, location scouts, prop hunting, discussions, annoucements, adventures between now and then as we put it all together to make sure cameras are ready to roll.


There always is - that's the wild ride that is filmmaking - and this is our biggest project by far so we're full of nervous energy and excitment.      


So tune into the official website below as well as our social media.  It will be full of updates, news, and more details about the film.  We'll also keep a weekly blog so you can follow the journey of making of an indie film:









Lead actors Peter Flaherty and Krista Vendy join director
John Fraser to help with auditions.


Choir Girl teaser poster.



Friends, Foes & Fireworks Wraps

Dec 2016 / Jan 2017


Nexus Production Group's ambitious feature film, Friends, Foes & Fireworks was shot on New Years Eve 2016, all in one night. NPG managed to complete all of the scenes at 7 locations in St Kilda all in one night, with 6 actors and a small crew.


This mumblecore style feature film is by far one of the highlights of NPG's productions, and a challenge for producer's and director's Sarah Jayne and Ivan Malekin.


The shooting style was improv in both acting and camera and what was achieved on the night is something very special. 


NPG have big plans for this groundbreaking film and you can follow the progress on the film's social media and brand new website:



Official poster for Friends, Foes & Fireworks.




More News

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~ Daughter screening at Reel Syndey Festival of World Cinema - May 13th to 14th, Sutherland Entertainment Centre, Sydney - Details to come here.


~ Mirror of Filth screening at Victorian Indie Movie Night - 7pm, May 29th, Loop Bar, Melbourne - Details here.

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