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Ivan Malekin found film with a little serendipity back in 2007 and has never looked back.  He is an award-winning director and editor, his films ranging from the dark and twisted to the raw and riotous. He tells stories that engage and entertain and seeks the challenge, the dash of unique, the heart in every project.


His 2012 feature film, Dace Decklan: Private Eye, is insane, picking up an apt award at the notorious Melbourne Underground Film Festival, and available exclusively on Monster Box TV courtesy of Monster Pictures.


He is the Founder and Director of the Made In Melbourne Film Festival, now six years old and the only festival exclusively for Victorian filmmakers. In 2013 MIM was supported by the Melbourne City Council. Ivan also founded and ran Melbourne's premier monthly film event, Short Cut, from 2010 to 2012, and in 2014 he is curating the cinema component of monthly film, comedy, and burlesque variety event Theatre Nuevo.

He is the former lead editor and script writer at Switch International, a television production company dealing on global distribution of factual programming.  With a Degree in Professional Writing and Editing, Ivan has spent time as a journalist for YouWeekly, an online magazine highlighting everyday people and communities.  Today, Ivan focuses on various pursuits.  He is a freelance Video Editor, working mainly for MediaLink Productions, a communication company specialising in corporate video, and he is currently working on his first young adult novel.  


In 2014 Ivan was added to the Master List of Melbourne Independent Filmmakers compiled by veteran indie movie-maker Bill Mousoulis, and also selected for the 'Top 50 Australian Independent Film Heroes' list.  But his first love remains Nexus Production Group, his own independent film production outfit driven by creativity, originality, and passion.


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