Our primary focus is film.  But occasionally we are approached to produce a music clip, film a performance, plan a promo for an event, a photoshoot, a reel for an actor and more. We enjoy these side projects - variety after all is the spice of life - and we're always open to talking about what Nexus can do for you. With a variety of skill sets on the team, decades of combined experience, and an extensive list of industry contacts, no project is too big or small.


On this page you will find a couple of examples of our favourite 'side' projects over the years in various genres.  





My Love for You

Adrian Romangnano feat. Xander Boyle


The first of a couple of music videos we really enjoyed producing.


My Love for You is a 2016 EDM track and the first single from Melbourne DJ Adrian Romangnano.  The concept was simple: dancers from various disciplines try to impress two grown-up ravers but nothing excites the pair apart from the old school, over-the-top dancing associated with their own genre. Colours, costumes, lasers; lets rave! 


This was an incredibly fun clip to produce and direct at DCF Studios.  It was shot in a single day just before Christmas in 2015.  Outside it was a sweltering 40 degrees so we are very grateful to the cast, dancers, and crew for helping us bring Adrian's first music video to life.
Check it out below.  Featuring dancing styles from pole to belly to break dancing and more (plus raving of course), we hope you enjoy My Love for You.  The track is available at iTunes here.




Flaming Absinthe

The Madness Method


The second clip we want to share is an oldie but a goodie simply because it was produced as part of the 2011 Music Video Mash Up Competition where bands and filmmakers were randomly paired together and tasked with completed a music clip in 72 hours.  That's concept to shoot to post to done in three days - needless to say it was a crazy experience.  But we enjoyed every minute of it and the video clip we produced led to further colloborations with Mandy Meadows, then vocalist from the Madness Method, as you'll see below.  But for now, enjoy our crazy clip about dating and day dreaming and one too many shots of absinthe. 






Mandy Meadows & The Honeytons


Continuing on the music theme, here are three music performance videos for Mandy Meadows, a fine jazz, pop and soul singer who has performed at several of Australia's and New Zealand's most iconic music venues.  The first pair of videos are a demo for Mandy Meadows and The Honeytons - one pop, one jazz - and helped secure Mandy a contract as the resident vocalist on Crystal Cruise Lines.  





Mandy Meadows & Alexander Nettleback


A jazz promo, filmed live at the Paris Cat, a very interesting challenge as the performace had to be replicated for different camera angles and synched in post.  But we did it, and it led to Mandy and Alex securing Instinct Music as an agent, hence why it is one of our favourite prpjects.





Photoshoot - Portfolio
A couple of photoshoots organised with model Natasha. The first is a reel for her portfolio shot in the Berlin Bar utlising a variety of backgrounds, outfits, and looks.






Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes

The second video is a fun behind the scenes video on a photoshoot featuring seven models, three photographers, hotted up cars and a truckyard - Brunettes V Fast Cars.




Over the years we've shot and edited promos for various events, including our own flagship events such as the Made In Melbourne Film Festival, Short Cut Monthly Film Nite, and Theatre Nuevo, a wild and wicked variety night which featured films, comedy, and a burlesque chaser.  We returned to the burlesque genre more often then not - the nights are always exciting, creative, daring.   So here are a couple of our favourite promos from the past.

Frenzy: Not so Burlesque
An burlesque and variety night held at the Lounge Pit in Brunswick, featuring magic, body paint, and the always dazzling Kelly Ann Doll.


Lolita La Tex

Lolita La Tex was one of Melbourne's darkest, most outrageous and decadent, neo-burlesque starlets and filming her tenth birthday extravaganza was a wicked experience.  Here's the promo for the night, featuring burlesque luminaries KerryX and Raven, and of course, Lolita La Tex herself.