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    YEAR 2015                                                                        




December 2015

We ended 2015 on a high with uur final project for the year - producing and directing an Electronic Dance Music video for Melbourne based DJ Adrian Romangano titled My Love For You.
Once again we took over DCF Studios in Thornbury, shooting on a black screen and working though a heat wave (40 degrees!) from morning till night and to capture a varied group of dancers doing their thing - everything from pole dance to break dance to charleston - and looking amazing.
Thanks to our small but dedicated crew who worked hard all day and of course all the talented cast who shined in the smoke and lasers and glowing lights.  The footage looks fantastic and we can't wait to share the final video in early 2016.


We're feeling proud.  What a a way to close a very busy year of project after project.  Now all the post production begins!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!







Smoke, lasers, dancers.



November @ Nexus

November 2015

It's been too long since we've updated the News Section here. We've had major happenings and productions left, right, and centre and things have been absolutely crazy at NPG. Crazy in a good way, but the craziness means our website has been neglected.  So here's a general summary of the missing months since our last update.


Daughter Wrapped!


Rain and biting cold, shooting at night on lively streets, and a tough schedule of six consecutive 12 hour days led to one of the toughest shoots we faced for a long time.  Not everything went according to plan. The sun wouldn't shine when we wanted it, cars wouldn't function when we needed them, and schedules and locations had to be constantly reshuffled due to weather. A couple of nights were rained out resulting in extra costs and pick-ups, but by the end of September we were finally able to say 'that's a wrap!'


Daughter, our biggest ever short film, tackling themes of violence against women and victim blaming, supported by the City of Port Phillip and many local St Kilda buisnesses, was finally in the can.


Now we're well into post-production. The footage looks fantastic and we're proud of the cast and crew. And more good news arrived recently as we were granted the subsidy scheme from St Kilda Town Hall to hold our premiere there.  March 2016.  Everyone will finally be able to see Daughter




After the intensity and challenges of Daughter, you would think we would be burned out.  But one Friday night in early October, with only two days from concept to casting to planning to shooting, bang, we were on set for a new NPG horror film called Midnight.


Shot on the brand new AJA CION 4K camera by Stewart Fairweather, and starring Whitney Duff (reuniting the Mirror of Filth cast and crew) and Cory Corbett, we spilled blood, created rain, got down and dirty with a demon, and called it a night as the sun began to rise.


And damn, did we have fun! Look out for Midnight to be released online at the end of the year.


Zina Picture Lock


Post production for Zina continues, our short film written by and dedicated to our late friend, Russell Boyd.  We've reached an important milestone - picture lock. And we are very proud of the result. The film looks great, the performances are pitch perfect, and the story is challenging and compelling. Of course, we could be a little bias.  Either way, Zina will be completed by the end of the year too and we can't wait to share the final film by Russell Boyd with everyone.


Dusk @ Thurrock


On the 17th of September Sarah Jayne's directorial debut, Dusk, screened at the Thurrock International Film Festival in the UK. By all reports it was very well received. This was the first international screening for Dusk and it was great to bring one of our older films to a new audience. 




There's a new production page on the website for the short Anniversary - check it out hereAnniversary was a small short film we undertook in the lead-up Daughter as a warm up for Sarah Jayne as a director. We didn't give it much publicity here but it was another one day shoot with little preparation and a tiny crew.  But it was a pleasure to shoot and we're happy with the result.  Anniversary is currently doing a short festival round but we will share it online soon.


MIM & Music Video


The final major cause of craziness come every November is the Made In Melbourne Film Festival. We're smack bang in the middle of preparations. Head over to the official MIM website to see the full program and all the goings on. It's a good one. And it is going to be big!


We're also planning a music video shoot for late-December. Dancers and strobe lights and love set to a thumping bass. More on that as it develops.   


Director & DOP on the set of Daughter.


The cast and crew of Daughter.


Set for action on Zina.


Poster for short film Anniversary.


MIM 2015 poster.




September 2015

The NPG crew had a wonderful time at the Closing Night of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (Sept 19th) where our gritty short film Mirror of Filth screened to a packed house. Mirror of Filth was also nominated for three awards - Best Short Film Runner-Up, Best Director for Ivan Malekin and Jamie Wilson, and Best Supporting Actress for Whitney Duff - and though we didn't win, we still received a great response from the crowd and wonderful feedback after the screening.


Congratulations to all the filmmakers who picked up awards, including Mirror of Filth co-director Jamie Wilson who won Best Documentary with Come Back Mr Bule, and well done to all the filmmakers who screened their work at MUFF 16.  


It is always an honour to be part of MUFF, a true institution in the local film scene, a festival responsible for giving many independent artists a break and a voice over the years.  Well done to Richard Wolstencroft and the whole MUFF team on another successful year.  It was great to be part of the party.





Official Selection laurel for MUFF.



Grant Success & Casting Begins!

July 2015

Daughter, NPG's next short film has been on everyones lips of late, receiving support from the St Kilda community, the indie film community, St Kilda organisations and now the City of Port Phillip.


And rightly so - Daughter explores topics which are unfortunately on point in our society at the moment; gendered violence and victim blaming. The story sadly inspired by the murder of Bunswick resident Jill Meagher and St Kilda's own Tracy Connelly, who's murder remains unsolved.


After a successful fundraiser in June, which had a massive lead up in the local press through out the City Of Port Phillip, the Pozible crowd-funding campaign was launched. And now the City of Port Phillip is helping make Daughter a reality for NPG Art Director and writer Sarah Jayne by awarding her screen play Daughter with funding though the Cultural Development Fund.


On Thursday 16th of July, Sarah Jayne and Ivan Malekin represented NPG and had the honor of joining 18 other creatives and artists at St Kilda Town Hall for a fabulous presentation and live music, which saw them all receive their cheques from the Mayor and Councillor Serge Thomann.


In total the 19 projects funded shared a total amount of $136,500 which will go towards continuing to make St Kilda a diverse, vibrate and exciting community. 


NPG is very proud of Daughter and casting has now commenced for the lead and support roles though StarNow, which are all for women. With so many actors applying, it really is a big task to find the right three women to represent not only the two characters, Alethea and Jemma, who are loosly based on Jill and Tracy but also a younger character, Scarlett who represents the youth of today. 


Auditions for these main and lead roles will be held in St Kilda on the weekend of 8th and 9th of August and NPG are excited about meeting the women and discovering what they can bring to Daughter.



One of four campaign posters for Daughter.


Sarah Jayne and Ivan Malekin at the Cultural Development Fund grant presentation at St Kilda Town Hall.




Zina Wrapped!

July 2015

Zina was a much anticipated project for Nexus Production Group as it was a character driven screenplay writtenn by our late friend and fellow film maker, Russell Boyd.


Russell is responsible for the DP work on our previous film, Reckoning as well as Dusk, which he took on the role of Gaffer. Unfortunatly he was not well durning both these films and he missed out on the Dusk premiere.


Russell Passed away at the start of 2015, from an illness he suffered with for a long time. As a result he left Zina on the shelf, where it had been since fellow NPG artist Clara Pagone recieved a theatre acting scolarship in New York. Clara had been in talks with Russell before these two incedents put Zina on hold so NPG did some groundwork, getting thier hands on the script and contacting Russells' family for clerence to procceed.


In July this year NPG brought Zina to life in Russells' honor. Clara came back to town for a special family birthday and we took the window of oppertunity to strike while the iron was hot.


 Clara Pagone takes centre stage as Zina. 


With fellow Italian Frank Fazio playing the second lead along Clara, Zina oozed sexiness as the chemisty was majical to watch on set and in the final peice. Using mostly natural lighting for the street scenes means that we captured the mood of the film and the atmpsohere of Melbourne under the city lights, a look we know Russell would be proud of.


The edit for Zina starts soon and we can't wait to share the completed film with you. Look out for more updates soon.



Frank Fazio and Clara Pagone star in 'Zina'.


Director Ivan Malekin, AD Tom Vogel, and DOP Steve Ramplin contemplate the next shot on the set of 'Zina'.


'That's a wrap!' for the cast and crew of Zina.





Bite Size Pictures Launch features NPG Art Director

July 2015

Bite Size Pictures is a new Informative/Light Entertainment TV show for fans & practitioners of Independent Filmmaking. The series is dedicated to acknowledging, supporting, and celebrating all things to do with Independent cinema, from filmmaking, multi-media performance art and supporting its film related practitioners that helps make a film what it is a visual masterpiece.

If you love all things about film or the art of Indie filmmaking, Bite Size Pictures will have you covered. From one on one interviews with 'Directors', 'Emerging/ Established' artists, to behind the scenes on locations to 'What's Trending' on the film scene. They also take a look at latest trailers of up coming local/national & international filmmakers to help support our thriving Indie film industry.


The launch of the first episode on July 16th, 6pm features our very own Art Director Sarah Jayne as part of the Spotlight Interview section of the show. 


It is great to see Sarah Jayne featured on a show that supports film makers of such a high standard such as guest filmmaker and Logie Winner Doco director Sarah Barton who is also part of the launch episode.


Tune in to Channel 31 on our TV next Thursday to catch the first episode of Bite Size Pictures and see what Sarah Jayne has to say about how she approches Production Design for film.



Sarah Jayne after the interview with Bite Size Pictures Director Nadia Bonomo.




Daughter Crowd Funding Continues

July 2015

Daughter currently has a crowd funding campaign through Pozible which runs for a total of 60 days, ending in August. The funds raised will go to important things such as paying cast and crew as well as hiring the best sound and cameras equipment which is crucial to making Daughter a production of high value.


We also need funds to cover the boring stuff like location permits, without them we can't shoot Daughter on the eclectic streets of St Kilda. Last but not least the things we need to make Daughter seem real such are props and costumes and marketing costs which cover printing for promotion and stationary costs.  


With the sucessful fundraiser held in June we attracted a wide range of people and together we discussed gender violence, victim blaming and equality. This support is super important but equally important is finacial support. Without funds in our budget we can't make Daughter. Film making costs money and to get our message across we need a certain amount of funding in our budget to make this film come to life.


There are great prizes for supporting Daughter on offer though the crowd funding campaign and a chance to be in the film credits on a number of different levels. Being part of the Daughter crowd funding campaign means that you are also a part of the solution in bringing awerness to gendered violence and victim blaming in our communities.  So please take 5 minutes out of your day to read the campaigns story and watch the video. Together we can make a tough film that asks the question, "would you care if she was your daughter?"





Sarah Jayne with CEO of St Kilda Gatehouse Sally Tonkin and Port Phillip Councillor Serge Thomann at the 'Daughter Fundraiser & Awareness Night'.


Sarah Jayne opens the fundraiser.




  Daughter Crowd Funding

  May 2015

The team spent this morning (May 30th) at DCF Studios to bring to life the powerful words and images for the Daughter short film crowd funding campaign.


DCF Studios was a fitting space, allowing us to capture what we needed perfectly. We shot the campaign in the double whitewall cyclorama and had access to the private make-up room and lounge. The DCF team popped in to check if we needed anything and also took some behind the scenes photos for us and were very accommodating. We totally recommend the studio for any project you have in mind - perfect for photography, music videos, meetings, auditions, and much more. Contact Cassie at DCF Studios for more info.


The Daughter campaign will launch on Pozible come on June 13th to coincide with the Daughter Fundraiser and Awareness Night. Through the Pozible campaign we aim to raise $8,500 to cover the cost of locations, pay for permits and marketing, hire sound and camera equipment and, most importantly, pay cast and crew.


With the fundraiser we are hoping that we can attract a wide range of people to discuss gender violence, victim blaming and equality. At the same time we want to raise money to put towards any props and costumes we may need plus catering for cast and crew.


The Fundraiser and Awareness Night will be held at The Sandpit Art Gallery St Kilda (7:30pm, Saturday June 13th) and is set to be big. Six short films will screen that show a woman's point of view; Sally Tonkin CEO of St Kilda Gatehouse will address the audience and talk about the not-for-profit organisation; there will be a Greeves Street Pop Up, a raffle, and a special Abuse and Empowerment panel starring authors Vanessa De Largie and Carrie Bailee.

Snacks and refreshment will also be available, all included in the price of the ticket, only $18.55 online:




Or $20 at the door.  So come and support a film that asks the question 'would you care if she was your daughter?'


Capturing the campaign video in action. Photo by Cassie Dart from DCF Studios.


Poster for the Daughter Fundraiser & Awareness Night.




  Awards & Nominations

  May 2015

El Western picked up a Bronze Remi Award at WorldFest Houston 2015, one of oldest film festivals North America. Each year approximately 4500 films are submitted to Worldfest from all over the globe so we are honoured to pick up a signature Remi Award - our second; Reckoning won a Gold Remi in 2014.


El Western was also nominated for Best Screenplay at TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival, a UK based online festival. Almost 100 films were submitted for award consideration so we feel honoured that screenwriters Ivan Malekin and Karl Beck were part of the nominations (only three screenplays were nominated) for our unconvential western farce.  Unfortunately, El Western just missed winning. But congratulations to all the other nominees and winners including Melbourne filmmaker Darren Downs who took out Best Film for Black and White Lines.






El Western becomes a Remi Award Winner.



  Submissions Open

  April 2015

Submissions for the 2015 Made In Melbourne Film Festival are now open!


MIM highlights our local filmmakers and showcases the best short films, independent features, and high school films from Melbourne and Victoria. Now in our seventh straight year, MIM continues to innovate and grow and celebrate local creativity.

2015 will be no exception. This year MIM will feature:

- Four days and nights from November 26th to 29th.
- The return of signature sessions: Opening Night Showcase, Feature Focus, Friday Night Films, High School Showcase, Closing Night Shorts, Weekend Matinees and more.
- Multiple venues so more chances to showcase your short films and feature films.
- New awards and a varierty of prizes up for grabs including $1000 cold hard cash to the 'Best Film'.
- Q & A with filmmakers, meet and greets, plus new sessions and surprises announced throughout the year.


So send those films in, Melbourne, to the only festival exclusivey for you. Be quick, don't miss the earlybird deadlines. All the details on the official website:




Submissions open poster for MIM 2015.



  Back from Broken Hill

  April 2015

Crossroads, an ominous story about running from the past and trusting in strangers set in the Australian outback, has just finished shooting in Broken Hill, NSW.


Written, directed, and produced by Nicolas Hinze and co-produced by Ivan Malekin from Nexus Production Group, Crossroads was an ambitious and sweeping short film from the outset but after four days in the heat and dust, we believe we have something evocative and special on our hands.

Shot by Ellery Ryan (Van Diemen's Land) and starring PiaGrace Moon (Winners & Losers) along with Troy Davis, Ben Taylor, and Peter Flaherty (Bikie Wars), Crossroads is now in the capable hands of Max Miller (Dead Heart of the City - MIM Best Film 2013) for post production and we can't wait to see the result.


A big thank you to the locals of Broken Hill for the hospitality and lending hands, especially local producer Jason King and Des and Wendy of Klingy's Place. Loved the experience and looking forward to going back to Broken Hill for a screening and more exploring.


In the meantine stay tuned for more updates on the progress of Crossroads.


DOP Ellery Ryan and CA Mark Kenfield set up a shot while Director Nico Hinze looks on.


PiaGrace Moon and Ben Taylor confront each other in character.




  Films for Fundraiser

  April 2015

The new film by Sarah Jayne, Daughter, addresses the topical issues of gender violence and victim blaming and is loosely based on the murders of Tracey Connelly and Jill Meagher.  We're holding a fundraiser at the Sandpit on June 13th to help raise money for production and seeking film submissions to screen on the night.


- Do you care about ending gendered violence?
- Does your film explore a woman's point of view?
- Have you got a least one woman in a key production role?
- Is your short under ten minutes?
- Are you avialable to represent your film on June 13th?

Then get in touch with Sarah Jayne at sarah@npgroup.com.au to submit your work or check out the Daughter Facebook page for even more details.


Submission poster for Daughter Fundraiser.



  Zina Confirmed

  April 2015

We are about to go into pre-production for our next short film, Zina, which is a script written by our dear and talented friend Russell Boyd, who passed away recently.


Russell was a very creative, warm, and charming man, with a giving and positive personality. Even through sickness he gave his time and energy to other people's projects. He helped Nexus out on Reckoning by taking on the DP role and he lit Dusk in a gaffer role.


On seeing the film for the first time he said Dusk reminded him of a 'French arthouse film', a compliment I will never forget. On both shoots he was gravely ill and struggling with his illness but he still turned up, gave everything he had and did a wonderful job. The results are beautiful light and magic immortalized on the screen.


Zina is his script, his idea, one that he never got to see come to fruition due to the illness that took his life. In his honour, and with the blessings of his family, Nexus Production Group will finish what Russell started.


Stay tuned.


~ SJ


Russell on set of Dusk (2013)




  Sarah is St Kilda News

  February 2015

Pick up a February 2015 issue of The St Kilda News and you'll be greeted with a full-page article about Sarah Jayne and her second short film, Daughter.  


Scheduled for production in Spring 2015, Sarah talks about the inspiration for the film, the research and the development process, and why it means so much to her to shoot exclusively in our local neighbourhood, St Kilda.   


Well done to Sarah.  It's a great read which you can check out for yourself here.


SK1Alt.png - large

Sarah Jayne featured in The St Kilda News.




  Mirror does the West Side

  February 2015

Mirror of Filth will screen at the March edition of West Side Shorts, along with a bunch of great films, including MIM finalist Ghost Man by Matthew Victor Pastor and Walkman, the new film by Studio 106 workmate Zev Howley.

West Side Shorts began in 2008 and is the longest running monthly film event in Melbourne.  It is always a warm and welcoming night with great atmosphere and networking opportunities. If you have never been - come check it out. If you haven't been for a while - come back. And all the regulars - see you at the next West Side!

West Side Shorts
8pm, Tuesday March 10th
Customs House Hotel
161 Nelson Place, Williamstown

FeatureStoryMoFPic01.jpg - large

Mirror of Filth poster



  RIP Russell

  January 2015

On Sunday January 4th, 2015, Russell Boyd passed away after a long battle with bladder cancer.  He passed peacefully, surrounded by his family and loved ones in NSW. 


Russell was a frequent NPG collaborator, cinematographer on Reckoning and gaffer on Dusk.  More importantly, he was our friend.  He was a gentle, kind-hearted man, generous with his time and knowledge, an artist who crafted beautiful images with light and lenses. 


We were blessed to know him.  And we will always remember him.  Russell, you will be missed.


~ Ivan Malekin


IvanMalekinPic8.jpg - large

Ivan and Russell share a moment on the set of Reckoning.




  January 2015

The new year begins with new showreels for NPG team members Tim Ferris and Sarah Jayne.  Tim's reel highlights his acting versatility and features scenes from roles on Underbelly and City Homicide among other strong work.  Sarah's reel features scenes from the many sets she has designed, coordinated, and dressed as a Production Designer, Art Director, and Set Dresser.


Check out the reels below and visit our About page to learn more about each NPG team member.  Both reels are edited by Ivan Malekin.  Email Ivan today if you need your reel done.  Competitive quotes, open communication, professional presentation and a straightforward policy - it is all about the work, it's all about and you.




ProfilePicTimFerris.jpg - large

Producer and award-winning actor Tim Ferris


SarahJayneProfilePic1.jpg - large

Production Designer, Art Director, Set Dresser Sarah Jayne