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On this page you will find reviews, interviews, and articles about and by the NPG team.  Press pieces are listed in publication order and grouped by reviews and general items.


Great article in The St Kilda Times (Feb 2015) about Sarah Jayne and the development of her second short film, Daughter, to be shot in Spring.  Click the extract to read the full article.


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Review for 2013 short film El Western by Hal C F Astell of Apocalypse Later.  Click the extract to go to the full review.


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Another review for El Western, this time by West Fisher of Las Vegas Movie Bears.  This is the full review.


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Review for 2013 play The Woman Tamer starring Clara Pagone by Myron May of Theatre Press.  Click the extract for the full review.


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Great review for 2012 feature film Dace Decklan: Private Eye by Glenn Cochrane of Fake Shemp.


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Another review for Dace Decklan: Private Eye, this time by Mike Haberfelner of Search My Trash.


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The American Australian Association chats with Clara Pagone about the Dame Joan Sutherland Fund and her performance art.  Published 2014.  Click on the extract to read the full interview.


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Meld Magazine talks about safe sex in film and chats to several filmmakers, including Ivan Malekin.  Published September 2014.  Click on the extract below to read the full article.


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Colourbox Studio talks with Ivan Malekin about filmmaking, inspiration, and Dace Decklan.  Published July 2013.  Click on the extract to read the full interview.


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An article about web series' published in the June 2012 issue of the MEAA magazine written by Tim Ferris.  Full article below.SerbsinSpaceMEAAArti1.jpg - large


Finally, something special.  An article about two-time cancer survivor Sina Portelli, written by Sarah Jayne Portelli, and her work to raise funds for breast cancer research.  Not film related, but a great piece about a woman who inspires Sarah more than any other: her mother.  Published November 2014 in The Westsider.  Click on the extract to read the full article.


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